1. Digital Flyer. “The Art of Self Destruction”. Bloodmoney.bandcamp.com please support.

  2. Post record store buys. Ceschi “The One Man Band Woke Up” (white vinyl). Radioinactive-Anti MC ” Free Kamal” & Muddy Waters “Hard Hand”. I copped all if these for $15 in mint condition. Come up.

  3. Jeremiah Jae (Produced by Oliver the 2nd) - Mountain Rise

    From Jeremiah’s forth coming mixtape “Good Times” via Warp Records. 

    Jae will be touring April and May starting in New York City on Wednesday April 2nd at The Studio at Webster Hall and April 8th at Schuba’s in Chicago before heading to Europe to play with Madlib in London, then more on a tour across 10 countries.

  4. Spread the word. bloodmoney.bandcamp.com


  5. "Dark Comedy Morning Show" - Open Mike Eagle (Mello Music Group)

    Check out the musings of a new age folk hero & avant rap dad. http://noisey.vice.com/blog/open-mike-eagle-dark-comedy-morning-show-stream @mike_eagle further solidifying his place as one of the most important artists out, and my favorite doing it.

  6. Captain Murphy : Duality:

    I woke up, had a hot cup of dark roast coffee, and decided it was time for some bugged out music for my commute in. Captain Murphy is the alter ego of producer extraordinaire Flying Lotus, and the record is like a bizzare short film from from David Lynch. It’s the inner thoughts of a cult leader in training, showing all the twisted and crazy things that might run through his mind.

    My only wish on this album was that it dropped in vinyl format. It belongs right up there with “operation doomsday”, “the unseen” & “madvillainy” as a complete textured piece of audio story telling art.


  7. Off of “Dirty Collections”. This song is a heater. Video is simple but shot really well. Support Jeremiah & Oliver

  8. Jonwayne : rap album one :

    Coffee in hand. Train ride home. This is my after work listen. ‘rap album one’ is a really well written album from start to finish. Honest, funny, off kilter at times, and heavy hitting; this really solidified my interest and fandom of jonwayne as an MC & Producer. While he has an extended catalog of beat focused albums, and rap albums also, this ( along with his “numbers on the board” jack) kicks in the door hard for him as one of LA ‘s nicest right now. Check it at stonesthrow.com

  9. Jeremiah Jae & Cohen : Pennies

    This mornings music selection paired with a dark roast is “Pennies” from Jeremiah Jae & Cohen. Jeremiah Jae you know from brainfeeder & black jungle squad, spits his laid back bubbly flow over Cohen’s snapping buzzy loops. Go support these cats at the bandcamp site.

  10. The illest out.

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