1. Morning in Portland.


  2. FREE MUSIC. https://bloodmoney.bandcamp.com/album/the-art-of-self-destruction

    YOU can now download “The Art Of Self Destruction” as a pay what you want, from now on. Spread it around.


  3. Sad day for his friends, family and fans. Thoughts go out. He was insanely talented.

  4. Dope video from probably my #1 favorite album this year.


  5. Basketball season approaches

    Headed out to see the Blazers vs Clippers. A habit and Jones is about to kick into effect.


  6. New beat. New heat

  7. The “studio”
    Rap Dad style.

  8. The “studio”
    Rap Dad style.


  9. Open Mike Eagle - Very Much Money (Ice King Dream):

  10. Burnside & 14th