1. killermikegto:

    CNN asked me to stop by and have a conversation.

    Man. killermikegto just made so many valid points and said so much. I have been a fan for a long time, but my respect just quadrupled here.
  2. #NowPlaying #Add2 #Khrysis

  3. Park life. We ditched the kids, grabbed a blanket and laid in the park for a few hours. I love this woman a whole lot.

  4. A little space opera. This is a series from a science fiction writer I wasn’t familiar with. Read the prologue and was sold. Also thought Daniel (my 16yr old) would dig it, and we could read it together…thankfully I was right and he was excited about it. Really well written so far, and interesting with each page. I used to be a political and religious book only reader as a young adult, but as I’ve gotten older, switched back to what I loved as a kid….space, hybrid people/creatures and mysteries. It’s the best. I hope we establish a colony on the moon or mars in my lifetime…I would go.

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    Emmanuel Hudson distributing life


    H A H A H A H A!!!!!!

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  6. This album is damn awesome.

  7. Favorite albums of 2014 so far part.2

  8. Favorite albums of 2014 so far. Part.1

  10. mikeeaglestinks:

    video. doug stamper. advice raps. featuring hannibal’s rap hands.


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